GDA Offers a wide range of Consultancy and Management Services for Systems Integraton, System Engineering, Planning, Project Management and Project/Technical Assuance. 

In today's environment most organisations are experiencing significant needs for project management, project controls, integration, systems engineering and technical assurance.

The ability to dynamically and cohesively manage change, risk, budget, costs, resources, engineering, programme and assurance is becoming a very complex task and essential to delivering high quality, on time and to budget.

GDA Consultancy offers the experience and expertise required to understand and overcome delivery issues and help you to ensure success. Whether that be within a single discipline or functional area such as project planning or communication systems or a complete System or Project.

Our strength is considerable proven business experience, which means your company gets clear objectives, implemented by skilled people.


Projects and Experience

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GDA Consultancy Limtited. Company formed in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company.